Building the Bridge to (Post COVID-19) Tomorrow

17 August 2020

Join us for our August Chamber Breakfast meeting on 25th August at 7.30am for this informative session with Vanessa Petch.

Many business owners, managers and employees are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and with no guarantee that COVID-19 has been contained, many are worried about what comes next for their businesses and job security, including:

  • what their business and business markets look like post JobKeeper
  • how to reposition their business for sustainability and growth
  • who needs to be part of the team as they re-build the business, and
  • how to ensure their cashflow supports their start back up plans, without emptying the bank.

There are some significant challenges ahead and in this session, we’ll identify those challenges but also highlight practical steps you can take now to build your business for tomorrow.

Vanessa Petch from HR Maximised works with small and medium businesses to improve their business’s performance and profit by aligning their teams with their business strategy through effective affordable practical solutions. Her background in business and human resource management, complemented by 15 years experience as a HR and/or Business Manager within SME’s, senior positions in finance, administration and operational management allows her  to understand the challenges of running a business across a variety of industries including manufacturing, trade services, agribusiness, IT, financial services and retail.

You can download Zoom for free from here – 

Meeting room link:   Meeting URL:    Meeting ID: 619 642 0017

PS – If you are new to Zoom meetings or would like to refresh your memory on Zoom features, click this article ‘Zoom Meeting  Participation Tips’ by Chamber Executive member, Margaret Sims.

Kate Hewish

Kate Hewish is the Principal of Horte Couture, a member of the Chamber Executive and the Chair of the PR Committee

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