Launch of the Regional Partnership Committee

Regional communities
25 May 2019

Businesses grow and prosper when they are planted in a supportive growth environment.  The hills and District Chamber of Commerce is the largest chamber in South East Queensland and we have created a new committee.  The Regional Partnership Committee will focus on helping communities in remote regional towns to create a supportive business environment like ours.  We aim to help grow their business alongside ours by sharing our tools, networks, education resources and access to our region’s markets.

The Regional Partnerships Committee will:

  • Create a powerful sense of welcome for people from regional communities to engage with members of our Chamber.
  • Promote and demonstrate regional inclusiveness of Regional Chamber of Commerce through networking, information exchange and education.
  • Advise the Executive Committee on how the Chamber can achieve Regional Chamber of Commerce inclusiveness through the Chamber’s organisational processes and activities.
  • Develop apolitical, positive relationships and communications with all levels of government, with the broader community, and with other chambers of commerce.
  • Support Regional Commerce inclusive initiatives that contribute to the wider social, health and well-being of both communities.
  • Attract to our Regional Chamber of Commerce and Regional culturally-diverse emerging talent, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses.
  • Develop greater capabilities for the Chamber to access regional markets.

Where to from here

In the next up and coming weeks the committee will be in the planning phase corresponding with various business owners, community groups, councils and associations in regional towns.  This will help us to understand their challenges and ways they are prospering.  Creating a foundation of understanding how we can help each other.

If you are interested in becoming a member on the committee or have any questions feel free to phone me +61 (0)432960817 or email me at

Eva Porter

Eva Porter is the Founder of Porter Designs - a landscape architecture business. Eva is also the Chair of the Commerce in Schools and Regional Partnerships Committees and an active member of a number of other Chamber Committees.

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