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Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists

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Alphacranealpha 4Craig-Shimm
Member Name: Craig Shim
Business Information
About Us:

Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists

We’re an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural communication and business skills.

We help organisations develop intercultural business skills such as navigating the cultural minefields of international trade, managing virtual and global teams, and understanding the Asian business mindset. This is important for building stronger cross-cultural relationships and achieving peak performance from global teams.

Our consultancy services include intercultural business coaching, training and advice.

Our clients are professionals who lead international teams, manage global mobility, conduct international trade and investment attraction, and who operate in international education, tourism and other global industries.

Ferny Hills-based director and founder of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists, Craig Shim, has over two decades of global tourism marketing and cross-cultural consulting experience.

Based in Asia for 14 years, Craig was an advisor and intercultural coach for multinational corporations, the Singapore Embassy and various agencies of the United Nations. In Brisbane, Australia, he provides cross-cultural coaching, training and advice to organisations including Air New Zealand, Boeing, BP, Nike, Pepsi and the Australian Government.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0481 387 625