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Alan Rowe
Vision Business
Barteos New Dawn
Alan RoweVision BusinessBarteosBarteosBarteos New Dawn
Member Name: Alan Rowe
Business Information
About Us:


BARTEOS (BTE) is one of the most exciting crypto-currency projects of the decade and as it has built the Blueprint Design that will unite crypto-currency users with all the Barter Exchanges globally, boasting millions of traders and users.

BARTEOS stands for:

“BART” - Barter and Trade

“EOS” - A New Dawn and the future of retail currency.

Barteos Technology uses its Diamonium Industrial Grade Blockchain

With the assistance of the Diamonium Tech Team and resources, being a Blockchain currently capable of near instant transaction speeds and scalability of upto 100,000 transactions per second, Barteos will promote the use of its de-centralised Blockchain to the mature sector of the Barter industry.

Like all other de-centralised crypto-currency, Barteos is set to unite the barter industry onto the Blockchain. Barteos is designed to become a part of a global and united barter-crypto-currency program. Uniting over 1,000,000 merchants in the barter industry with tens of millions of crypto-currency users is a great cause to bring the Internet of Money to the People and has the best chance to gain value as part of of united currency network.

Join our quest to make Barteos the most useable money system on earth within the next five years.


Vision Business

About Vision Business

Here at Vision Business we are passionate about small business because we have all been in business all our lives. Combined or team has more than a century’s experience growing and building small and medium businesses. Ranging from Information Technology, advertising and promotions, direct sales, postal and logistics, franchising, trade exchanges, learning and development, retail, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and hospitality to name only some. Although nothing beats the school of hard knocks and faults, our team also has qualifications ranging from post graduate diploma in international business to law and a masters in business administration. Add some marketing, criteria reference instruction, e-learning and organisational psychology to the mix and you have a team that understands business not only from a practical point of view, but also from a theoretical one. Knowing what works in business and why it works, enable us to more effectively help others achieve success and that is what Vision Business is all about.


Contact Information
Street Address:
1/24 Carmody Road, St Lucia Qld 4067
Mobile Phone: 0413 177 482
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