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Change 2020

Member Name: Kellie Pamic
Business Information
About Us:

Our people are here to help your people

As organisational change consultants, we’re experts in helping people through change. We understand change can be a difficult, frustrating and messy process, which is why we deliver practical and flexible support to help you and your team navigate new territory.

We offer clarity of vision: “2020 vision” when clarity is what you need.

Our experienced team approach every project with complete objectivity, to provide the right advice and tailored solutions to realise your organisation’s vision. Beyond spreadsheet assets, budgets and deliverables, we focus on people. People with feelings, and fears, and ingrained resistance to change.

The success of your transition will depend on how well you can lead your people into the unfamiliar. And helping organisations foster the right mindsets for success is what we do best.

Merging authenticity & accountability

We’re proud to have worked with some of the largest names in the corporate world. The foundation for our success is built on:

  • Flexibility – we evolve and adapt to suit your business needs
  • Authenticity – we are genuine, ethical and act with integrity
  • Curiosity – we listen, interpret and challenge
  • Responsiveness – we get the job done and keep you in the loop
  • Humour – we value creativity, laughter and fun (while always keeping it real)

In building a team that believes in – and lives – these values, we have forged a strong reputation across the nation as change leadership consultants.


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Mobile Phone: 0427 198 555
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