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Cohesive Coaching

Member Name: Anky Balfoort
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Hi, I’m Anky and I’m an experienced life coachpositive parenting coach and organisational change manager. At Cohesive Coaching I have successfully helped numerous clients develop new skills, achieve their goals and deal successfully with change, whether the change is initiated by them or thrust on them by circumstances. In the process they develop more positive mindsets and generally become more confident, resilient and happier. As a positive parenting trainer I help my clients gain more knowledge and practical tools to raise happy, confident and resilient kids.

I’m no stranger to change myself, having moved countries twice – at the age of 13 I moved halfway across the world from Holland to New Zealand (having to learn a new language), and then my family and I moved to Australia 25 years later. I had a family at a young age and went back to University at 30 to complete a degree. I have also run several successful businesses.

I am passionate about helping people live enjoyable and rewarding lives and create positive family dynamics where children thrive.  I have helped many clients do just that.  I incorporate positive psychology methods, neuroscience concepts, and Circle of Security and Triple P Positive Parenting material in my coaching (as well as other techniques) to effectively help you deal with changes, develop new skills, achieve your goals and generally create a happier life.

My corporate coaching experience includes effective change management and transition coaching to help lower resistance and increase acceptance of changes, raising team morale, improving team image and unity, resolving bullying and breaking down ‘them and us’ cultures.

What sets me apart from other coaches are my 16 qualifications related to life coaching, positive parenting, team coaching, executive coaching and positive psychology coupled with my solid experience successfully helping clients.  This will save you money as I can help you with just about everything you’d like to work on.

Whether you want improvements in your health, career, family situation, relationships, business, mindset, confidence or resilience  I can help you achieve the positive outcomes you want. I can also help you understand and resolve any blockages which have stopped you from doing this so far and motivate and encourage you along the way to achieve the successful outcomes you desire!

Based on the successful improvements I have helped numerous clients achieve over the last decade, I am confident that you will also achieve positive improvements as long as you follow the actions you commit to at each session.

Don’t wait any longer – call me now to start achieving your positive goals. The sooner you call, the sooner things will change for the better!



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Mobile Phone: 0430 392 737
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