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Molly Brumm
Conscious Kinesiology LogoMolly Brumm
Member Name: Molly Brumm
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About Us:

Molly is your Stress GPS: your body knows what it needs to heal any issue

At Conscious Heart Kinesiology I deal with all types of stress. I’m a personal Stress GPS! I’ll help you restore full brain function and flexibility, move out of overwhelm, regain your confidence and zest and let go of baggage. I’ll help you name your problem at its core - not just what it appear to be on the surface. You’ll improve your mindset, calm your emotions, resolve pain and feel energetic. You’ll stop repetitive thoughts, clear sabotages and gain courage to go for your goals.

FH said ‘With Molly I got my laughter back’

I am a Registered Kinesiologist (AKA) and I offer personal sessions, programs and trainings. Try a Free 40 minute Muscle Balance: discover how much your body knows you!

JC said: Molly is an awesome practitioner, skilled and with so much knowledge. I saw her about an issue I wasn't coping with and went home feeling as if I had had a full body massage I felt so relaxed! Needless to say, the issue also became a non-event.

SD said: “Molly is focused on what the client's muscles are showing & uses tools backed up by research. Molly has taught me tools to use in my everyday life...not many people in the allied health & energy medicine field are this caring & focused on the client - seeing their work with them as a partnership. After each treatment I feel better - when I mean better - all of me in body, mind & spirit is better. I notice it immediately.”