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Li Wang
creativli logoLi Wang
Member Name: Li Wang
Business Information
About Us:

Li Wang

Hi, I’m Li Wang and I am creative! I am a trained architect, an experienced brand identity expert.

So naturally I became CreativLi – the Brand Architect.


“CreativLi” is a boutique design agency based in Brisbane, specializes in brand strategy and the creation of both corporate and personal branding. We deliver highly effective brand identity engineered to attract to your clients eyes, to engage with their minds & to win their hearts.

We service small to medium businesses in Brisbane and other parts of the world.


  • Simply put Li is a phenomenal graphic designer and a fantastic person to work with...
  • Li was able to bring to my business idea was a greater vision of what my core business is and what I eventually wanted it to be...
  • CreativLi has a unique way of blending theory and practice to translate into measurable results, using her tried and tested methods...
Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0420 329 714
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