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EnviroCleanz Australia

Ann-Maree Bennett
Envirocleanz Australia
Ann-Maree BennettEnvirocleanz Australia
Member Name: Ann-Maree Bennett
Business Information
About Us:


Ann-Maree has lived in leafy Bridgeman Downs for almost 26 years and brought up their children in the area, and schooled them locally for a lot of that time.

She and her partner, Greg,  experienced an extreme mould contamination in their home during the Brisbane floods of 2011, after they had been away and the house had been closed up for weeks.  The rain came through the roof and dripped into the house.  With the house closed up combined with the summer heat, mould took over all of their furniture, floor coverings, curtains and clothing.

Greg  spent weeks cleaning up the mould and throwing away their home's contents.

A year or so later, after being very ill, Greg was hospitalised and underwent lung surgery to find out why he was so sick.  He now has extremely reduced function of his lungs and it has been linked to his exposure to the mould.

After the extreme rain event in 2022, we again experienced mould and were extremely concerned about how it could further undermine Greg's health.

We called in a company that provided a new, safe and natural method of mould removal.  We loved the product and the concept so much, we bought a licence to provide the same service to others.

We worry about the effects of mould in people as well as the fact that it can damage your home and belongings. We want to help people avoid losing their property and prevent potential illness.


Contact Information
Street Address:
20 Hoop Pine Place, Bridgeman Downs Qld 4035
Mobile Phone: 0407 788 568
Phone: 1300 79 46 47
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