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Frances Cahill

Frances Cahill
Member Name: Frances Cahill
Business Information
About Us:

Banish Business Invisibility Due to Poor Written or Oral Communication Skills

Do you know this feeling? You are at a networking event and are asked to stand up and give a quick elevator pitch about your business. You get a dry mouth. The butterflies in your stomach start trying to present your pitch via interpretative dance and you find yourself umming and ahhing more than a teenager who has been asked why they were late home. You mumble a few words and sit down dejected while watching people walk straight past you with an embarrassed smile at business card swap time.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? With just a few quick and gentle sessions you would be able to confidently present your pitch to the crowd in a way that presents the best version of who you are and what you do.

What will you discover through a Polish Your Pitch Session with Frances Cahill?

We start with the Magic 3:

  • Knowing your why
  • Getting into the role
  • Loving your voice

You will not only discover the best way to create and structure your pitch, you will also learn basic voice production, the physicality of presenting so you can confidently stand and know what to do with your hands and body, and strategies to deal with fear of speaking in public.

Our Polish Your Pitch sessions are held one-on-one for exclusive attention, or with a small supportive group to cheer you on.

Sessions are held outside business hours or on weekends to give you time to relax and focus away from the pressures of appointments and work.

Our Services

  • Public speaking training
  • Speaking/presentation fear busting techniques
  • Posture and voice techniques
  • Grammar training
  • Editing services
Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0411 537 957
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