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Gae Larkin-Hill – Psychologist

Gae Larkin Hill
Member Name: Gae Larkin-Hill
Business Information
About Us:

About me

I am a psychologist with extensive experience working in one of Australia's largest organisation - the Defence Force. In my personal life I am a wife and mother. This professional and life experience ensures that I bring a pragmatic and goal focused approach to counselling and coaching. It also means that I utilise gold standard, empirically proven, techniques. I enjoy my work immensely. Consequently, my communication style is relaxed and I freely engaged with those I am conversing with.

I am thrilled to say life has provided me the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life - executives, labourers, artists, mothers, fathers, older adults, those with illness/injury/disability, those who are dying, those with a public profile and those who don't know who they are - as they address, progress, overcome and find balance. Regardless of who you are, if you are looking to create sustainable change, then my skills and experience might fit your needs.

It is my expectation that through the work we do together, you will become a specialist - an expert - on YOU. You will know what ails you, what is effective in getting you better/healthier, and what keeps you better, ensuring that in the long term you can function well and strive forward on your own journey independent of my services.

Contact Information
Street Address:
15 Eveleigh St, Arana Hills Qld 4054
Mobile Phone: 0438 240 560


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