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Hectic Helpers Personal Concierge

Hectic Helpers LogoKay Marco
Member Name: Kay Marco
Business Information
About Us:

Ever feel like everyone is relying on you to hold it together and

if one more thing gets thrown your way you're going to lose it completely?

Every day is back-to-back appointments, to-do lists, meetings, errands... one unexpected phone call from a big client, or the school fund raising committee, or a friend who needs a favour, and your whole schedule gets blown to pieces.

And whenever you have a slice of so-called 'time-off' to simply relax by yourself or with your family, you spend most of it worrying about what you've forgotten and how you're going to get it all done.

You really need more hours in the day.

Or maybe another one of you – a clone to handle all the stuff you don't have time to do (or don't want to do).

Do you want more time and space to do what really matters to you?

If the answer is yes, I can help.

I'm Kay Marco, a Brisbane-based lifestyle manager. Let me tell you about some of the women I've been working with, and find out if my services are right for you. Click here to learn more.

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Mobile Phone: 0409 827 185
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