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Holistic Pain Relief

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Joke Chadwick
Member Name: Joke Chadwick
Business Information
About Us:

Dutch born, Joke has been a wellness coach since the late 1960’s.

Joke was one of the first Instructors to

  • Train as a “Steady Steps Falls Prevention” Instructor and
  • completed a Certificate Course on Osteoporosis and a
  • Certificate in Tai Chi.

Joke became aware of the potentially harmful ingredients found in most common household cleaning, personal care and baby products when she herself started to suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities.

She joined Neways International (Now Mōdere.) Mōdere is a company that uses only safety conscious products, containing none of the 3000 plus potentially harmful ingredients (or poisons) currently found on the supermarkets today. Mōdere also have the highest quality plant based nutrition that really works.

Joke commenced operation of the L. E. S. (Living Easily and Simply) Holistic Pain Relief Centre in February 2012 after working with the PER 2000 for 3 months from November 2011.

The Holistic Pain Relief Centre helps people to break free from their pain.

One in eight people live with chronic pain every day. At the Holistic Pain Relief Centre there is help for all sorts of pain and people’s lives are changed as they “Break Free From Their Pain”.

Joke is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and is able to help people with their nutritional needs.

She teaches Strong Bones classes and these are suitable for most age groups from 30 to 60+,

Gentle Exercise, Steady Steps Falls Prevention Classes and Aqua Fitness Classes in both summer and winter.

Joke is also an author and a public speaker.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0412 988 843
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