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In Safe Hands Educators In Safety

Member Name: Michael Pecic
Business Information
About Us:

Introducing In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd

Since 2005 In Safe Hands Educators In Safety have built an invaluable reputation as the most trusted provider of Child Protection services in Australia.

In Safe Hands Educators In Safety has provided training to employees of over 1000 Government, Corporate and not for profit organisations.

At In Safe Hands Educators In Safety, our practical experience as Detectives investigating and managing child abuse cases, and our formal training and studies in education, law and psychology, provide us with a unique insight into the issue of Child Protection. We have the ability, based on real world knowledge, to know what works and what doesn’t. Children and adults need skills that are well practiced and part of their subconscious behaviour – rather than behaviours designed to be employed only in a time of crisis. Our strategies are simple, easy to use, and are easily adopted subconsciously into people’s daily lives so that in a time of crisis, they are utilised without second thought.

At In Safe Hands Educators In Safety, we centre our teaching methodology on educating as real life teachers of real life lessons - teachers who have been there and seen things first hand and have the ability to convert this experience into valuable knowledge for others.  But probably most importantly, we’ve all had our own children – so we understand the stresses and challenges facing parents, carers and educators today. We know what it’s like to be pushed to breaking point, to feel frustrated, and to struggle when money’s tight. We also know how important it is to keep our children safe – and we know this can only be done using real and practical strategies.

With all of our experience, we have a genuine appreciation of the realities of today’s world. We know that text books don’t have all the answers and that often the best lessons are learnt through experience.  It’s our experience we share which gives people a real and practical insight into Child Protection and into understanding current legislation and literature. We demonstrate how Child Protection strategies put in place consistently from an early age, can continue to protect children through to their adult years – and can then be passed on to their children, creating perpetual learning.

We offer a series of Child Protection courses both online and face to face, designed to meet mandatory training requirements and provide participants with the skills and knowledge to provide best practice Child Protection on a daily basis. Our unique and innovative training system embraces a proactive ‘whole of population’ approach to Child Protection, which has as its primary goal the prevention of child abuse.


In Safe Hands Educators In Safety have been nominated and awarded the following:

2018 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2017 – Moreton Bay Region Business Marketing Excellence Award Finalist

2017 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2016 – Telstra Australian Business Awards Qld Category Winner

2016 – Telstra Australian Business Awards Qld Finalist

2016 – Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist

2014 – Telstra Australian Business Awards 2014 Nominee

Chief Executive Officer - Michael Pecic

Michael has nearly 30 years’ experience in child protection case management, investigation and education. He served with distinction as a Detective with the Queensland Police Service for 20 years investigating child abuse offences, being awarded the Assistant Commissioner’s award for dedication to child protection. His key achievements and experience included:

  • Awarded a Churchill Fellowship to extend his expert knowledge on international child protection practices.  This included 8 weeks’ study of child protection practices in America.
  • A member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) since 2011.
  • A member of the Australian Government Advisory Child Protection Committee.
  • Lead Investigator in over 10,000 child protection investigations over a 19 year period as a Detective in Child Abuse Units with the Queensland Police Sevrice.
  • Officer In Charge of the busiest Child Protection Investigation Unit in Australia for 3 years.
  • Lead the investigation into the “Baby Kate” Ombudsmen report, which made key recommendations to sweeping changes to Government child protection practices.
  • Served as the Chief Inspector for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland for 4 years where he worked closely at an executive level with Government Departments in regard to legislation and community expectations.
  • Founder and CEO of In Safe Hands Educators In Safety Pty Ltd.
  • He has dedicated the last 10 years to education and awareness of child protection issues.
  • He has formal qualifications in management, training, investigation practices and public safety.
Contact Information
Street Address:
Unit 3/1147 South Pine Road, Arana Hills Queensland 4054
Mobile Phone: 0414 730 208
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