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Member Name: William Davy
Business Information
About Us:

KinetiKits offer an education range of kits that address STEM criteria in the Australian curriculum and a new range of kits that celebrate some of Australia’s best tourism spots and icons.

All are locally designed and produced.

KinetiKits are sold flat packed and appeal to adults and children.

Our tourism range are simple to assemble and make unique gifts that are quintessentially Australian.

Our team also run workshops for schools teaching students how to make Kinetic creations incorporating recycling.

The Team

William Davy, the director, is an entrepreneur who has skills and experience across a range of technical and artistic fields including graphic design, advertising, sculpture,  animation and the building industry.

Denise Davy is a school teacher with over twenty years’ experience in a range or roles in schools over three continents – including Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.  Her passion is engaging and empowering children with skills to use in an evolving world.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0400 681 884
Team Members
Other Team Members: Denise Davy
Team Member's Phone: 0400 873 692
Team member's email: info@kinetikits.com.au
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