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Linda Conyard

Member Name: Linda Conyard
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About Us:

Linda Conyard is Australia's leading pioneer advocating for socio-political trauma-sensitive change and informed responsiveness to UNnecessary trauma in the Health, Education, Justice, and Government sectors. She recognises the transgenerational effect collective trauma has on our current society and is at the leading edge of healing and transformation.

As a society here in Australia, we are experiencing great suffering that only appears to be on the increase. Our social issues such as Domestic & Family Violence, Mental Health, and the public's health are worsening. Many of our workplaces are toxic, and in over 2 decades of research and observations in her own workplaces, Linda found that a high percentage of workplaces experience staff burnout, stress, increased sick days taken, staff dissatisfaction, decreased productivity, bullying, and poor staff morale which has a massive impact on the bottom line of organisations. These issues are not only harming the fabric of society; they also cost us increasingly phenomenal amounts of money for zero improvements. We absolutely need to do something different!

Linda has created her programs to get to the core of the issue, which means that her view looks at the current presentation of the challenge and considers the collective generational issues that remain unresolved and are currently impacting every aspect of our society. We do not need one more person creating versions of the same solution we repeatedly see. Linda offers the opportunity to look through a different lens for solutions.

Linda’s daughter's trauma at the very young age of 6 months was from a diagnosis of bi-lateral retinoblastoma, which is a rare childhood cancer that affects the retina in the eye (she survived and was left totally blind by the age of 3) and the unfolding and recognition of her own significant and long term childhood trauma led her to her studies and subsequently her own trauma recovery. She became the therapist she wished she could have found. She is determined to change the trajectory of trauma on a collective, cultural, community, family, and individual level and eliminate all UNnecessary trauma through education and training in trauma sensitivity.

Explore how Linda may be able to support either your personal or professional development by booking your complimentary 60-minute consultation here


Organisations / Professional Development

  • Compassionate Empowered Workplaces - Create healthy, vibrant, and thriving workplaces;
  • Recalibration Hub - Professional Development support for those who have completed Compassionate Empowered Workplaces;
  • VIP Day with Linda - Laser focussed immersion on what is most pressing for you to work through;
  • Speaking

Humanitarian / Personal Development

  • Healing Humanity Through Truth -an Australian independent research project;
  • Journey Back Home - Online Personal Growth Group Program;
  • Family Constellation Workshops - Bring awareness to what is not seen.

For more detailed information, please visit my website -; you can also claim a free obligation free one-hour consultation if you would like to explore how any of these services could support you.



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Mobile Phone: 0402 811 742
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