Martens Legal - Family Lawyers

Tegan Martens

Director and Principal Lawyer

About Us

Martens Legal is a modern law firm that practices exclusively in family law. 

From the very beginning, we set out to create a law firm with a culture and team that was based on:

~ Care – What we do is more than just a transaction to us. We care about what we do, we care about our clients and we care about each other! 

~ Transparency and Certainty – We pride ourselves on transparency about our fees and we aim to create certainty for our clients about what they can expect from us as well as a realistic outcome.

~ Strategic Thinking – We are expert planners and we are always prepared. We spend time at the beginning to understand your goals before coming up with a tailored plan to achieve your desired outcome.

How We Can Help

We specialise in helping separated couples who want to resolve their family law separation amicably and without resorting to court litigation.

Court litigation is almost always a last resort. Why? Because we have experienced first-hand the significant financial and emotional cost of a family law legal fight.

We don’t however shy away from a worthy fight and can battle with the best of them during negotiations or court, provided it will benefit our clients of course!

The majority of our matters are property settlements, which vary from the family home and super asset division to complex corporate structures, businesses and multi-million dollar assets.

Our aim for every matter is to achieve our client’s desired outcomes by using methods such as negotiation and/or mediation, with the end outcome in most matters being legal documents known as consent orders.

We also regularly assist people with entering into binding financial agreements (otherwise known as pre-nups) both before and during a de facto relationship or marriage.

We do not practice in domestic violence matters and high conflict parenting matters are rare due to our amicable focus.

About Tegan 

Tegan is the Director and Principal Lawyer of Martens Legal.

While completing her Bachelor of Laws and Justice, Tegan worked in a variety of roles within the legal industry. From Receptionist to Accounts Clerk to Legal Assistant and Paralegal, Tegan was lucky enough to experience all the inner workings of a law firm. She even had her first ever Court appearance before becoming a lawyer.

After close to 10 years working in law firms with very traditional business models, Tegan felt an overwhelming desire to take the leap and create a law firm of her own. Why? Because she saw major flaws in the traditional law firm model and put simply, her values never quite aligned. So, after many months of research and fact checking (typical lawyer!), she opened Martens Legal and hasn’t looked back since.

It always has been and always will be Tegan’s passion to help people. That is what drew her to separation, divorce, and family law. Guiding someone through some of the most difficult times and decisions of their life with care and compassion is Tegan’s primary goal in everything she does at Martens Legal. She prides herself on her people-focused approach to law, and it is an ethos that is shared by her entire team.

Tegan’s particular focus in separation, divorce and family law matters has primarily been property settlements. Her experience in these matters is wide-ranging. From the common asset divisions involving the family home and superannuation to more complex asset divisions involving businesses and corporate entity structures such as trusts. Tegan therefore has a great deal of understanding and appreciation of all things property. Her aim is to keep even the most complicated asset division matters as simple as possible.

Outside of the law Tegan, in her own words, “loves anything to do with property” and is hands down her favourite website. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and her beautiful husky Ruby. Tegan also spends weeknights on the court, playing both Netball and Basketball.

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws and Justice – Queensland University of Technology
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice – Queensland University of Technology
  • Solicitor – Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Solicitor – High Court of Australia