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Mike Rooney
Mike Rooney
Member Name: Mike Rooney
Business Information
About Us:

Mike Rooney

Mike is like a friendly bulldog, with a never give up approach to life. This persistence means that Mike has become a skilled negotiator, extremely driven, hard working, professional, personable, and has great pride in being honest. He is an experienced marketer across modern media platforms and can find innovative ways to market a property.

Community participation: He can often be found lending a hand at community fundraisers and events not only in northern Brisbane, but all around southeast Queensland.

Family: A family man thats been living and working in the area for over 20 years. He has three children who all attend local schools, and an active member of the local community

Super Power: Mike is a builder of relationships, he wants to get to know people, who they are are what they are doing. So that he can help them to find solutions to the issues that they may be facing. He is driven to help you succeed, easy to communicate with, and has an excellent support team behind him.

Contact Information
Street Address:
Everton Hills, Qld 4053
Mobile Phone: 0431 646 373
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