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Sing – Vocal Coach – Melissa Gill

Melissa Gill
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Member Name: Melissa Gill
Business Information
About Us:

What do I do

I care about your development as a singer and your happiness as a person, so I do all I can to nurture both as your Brisbane singing voice specialist or choral conductor. By providing the right mix of fun, energy, caring, coaching and support, I help you find your voice and develop your singing abilities.


I’m an experienced singer, performer, conductor, teacher and certified coach. But I’m also an experienced student of singing. I know what it’s like to be confused, blocked and frustrated – and how it feels to break through. I draw on this experience to be a more effective and supportive singing teacher for you.

How I teach

Wherever you’re at in your singing journey, I tailor your learning experiences to you. Together, we’ll work on simple but effective techniques to nurture your individual sound. In addition to coaching your voice, I coach your brain and heart so you believe in yourself and your ability to grow and improve.

What I teach

To help you find your voice, I teach singing lessons, conduct choirs, run workshops and hold student performances at SING. With all these opportunities, you can more easily choose the best musical pathway for you. Whatever you choose, I’ll be there as your Brisbane singing voice specialist and personal cheer squad.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0411 034 888
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