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Member Name: Mark Forbes
Business Information
About Us:

Mark Forbes

I believe that my best contribution to an organisation is the design of vision centric strategy and leadership, in particular in the areas of innovation and commercial growth. I see myself as a connector and simplifier of systems and strategies with businesses, organisations, governments and economies, leveraging digital connectivity, with an innovation overview.

My Profession and my Passion is in continuing to develop a stronger and more robust capability and understanding of the relationships and levers that function between people, communities and vibrant economies, and applying that understanding to the pragmatic systems of economic transformation. I believe that a robust foundation of innovation and creative enterprise, education, trade, investment and entrepreneurship are the primary sustainable driving forces of job creation in economies, and consequently healthy, safe and prosperous communities.

Making a difference in the lives of others, therefore, is what inspires me.

Contact Information
Street Address:
PO Box 270, Scarborough 4020
Mobile Phone: 0477 422 023
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