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The Tech Tutors

Member Name: Graham MacDermott
Business Information
About Us:


Empowering seniors in developing a healthier relationship with technology

About Tech Tutors

Here at The Tech Tutors we are all about technology.

But our approach is different. Our purpose is not to make you an expert in technology.

Our mission is to assist seniors with having a healthier relationship with technology.

Technology is all around us and is becoming a large part of everything we do.

There used to be a time when we could work alongside technology and dip our toes in when we felt comfortable.

Now we are presented with a lot to learn amongst an expectation that you should already know a certain amount.

We do not have that expectation. We beleive there is a generation that fall within a gap between reality and the expected.

We understand that technology can sometimes be overwelming, but it does not have to be.

Do you have to be an expert to be able to traverse through all this mayhem, of course not and we are passionate about being your guide.

Whether it is computers, phones, tablets, internet or even TVs and audio equipment. We want your experience with technology to be comfortable and anxiety free.

We will not confuse you with technology jargon and we will always explain things in a simple, easy way to understand. All at your own pace. We are non judgemental and very patient.

Infact we pride ourselves in being patient.

About Graham MacDermott

Graham MacDermott is the principal of The Tech Tutors a business established specifically to provide affordable help for Seniors.

Graham has a patient approach to teaching and can adapt teaching methods to suit each student.

His back ground includes over 35 years of various technology experience including 16 years in law enforcement.

Graham worked as a Detective in the Queensland Police Service where he developed skills in forensic  computing.

He was also fortunate enough to obtain some of his training through the FBI.

Graham became a trainer himself in forensic practices, teaching  other officers these skills and has run many training courses related to  technology.

He continually pursues training himself in a wide variety of  technology venues but has a strong passion for cyber security.

His drive is to teach people how to develop a better relationship with  technology, but also how to secure yourself while venturing amongst  it.


Contact Information
Street Address:
PO Box 500, North Lakes Qld 4509
Mobile Phone: 0418 159 813
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