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Wendy Burns Consulting

Wendy Burns
Remarkable You
Wendy BurnsRemarkable You
Member Name: Wendy Burns
Business Information
About Us:

Who is Wendy Burns?

An international expert in professional coaching, transformational leadership, practical business and personal coach, mentor, teacher and speaker. After 20 years in leadership in various Australian Government Regulatory Environments leading teams through organizational change, I have a reputation of consistently achieving efficiencies and innovation. I commenced a consultancy business working with individuals, diverse groups and teams in private corporations and the public sector.  I have a track record of looking at the emotional health and well-being of staff and addressing complex ‘people’ situations in multi-faceted complex circumstances.  To me people matter.

In 2013 I joined the John Maxwell University (JMT) where I serve as a Peer Teaching Partner and Chair on the President’s Advisory Council serving the Global team and Executive Director.  By the invitation of the President of Paraguay in 2016 I joined John Maxwell bringing transformational change to the nation of Paraguay. As an international speaker I have shared the global stage with some of the most influential leaders in the world, inspiring humanity to reach their potential by taking every opportunity to grow myself and others through my commitment to growth and action.  I believe in lifelong learning, as s a result of this In August 2018 I received the John Maxwell Culture Award for consistently demonstrating the University’s value of a positive attitude.

Why I Do What I do

I believe that the ‘remarkable’ lays within each person but quite often they can’t see it themselves. My passion is to help them to see their remarkable in all realms of their life.  My strongest desire is to empower them to be successful and to become the ‘Remarkable’ they were created to be and for the gold within them, to rise to the top.

I work with individuals and organizations on their dreams and visions in both business and personal growth.  I have developed an ability to help others experience extraordinary breakthroughs by tapping into their hidden gifts. My unique ability to press into and challenge an individual’s belief system, enables them to find their purpose, passion, potential.  I draw great joy in empowering others to open doors to increase their capacity by maximizing their strengths and realizing full potential.

How I Do What I do

When you are serious about growing yourself AND willing to be open your mind to new ideas, I will work with you to clarify your vision,  assist you to tap into your potential, enable you to recognise and deal with the BS (Bogus Stories) you believe about yourself and realise your capacity; the remarkable within. I will work with you to develop a strategic plan; a remarkable way forward.   We will work together to enhance your personal growth, current vision and your true purpose by developing you as a leader.  I believe that the greatest thing we can do is lead ourselves well, then lead others.


  • Each day I work to inspire, challenge, and equip with a greater sense of self-awareness
  • To reveal the remarkable that is within each person
  • To unshackle the things that resist growth
  • To enable you to evaluate opportunities
  • Add to your effectiveness
  • Subtract from your weaknesses and to enable the greatness within!

Wise Decisions + Daily Discipline =

Remarkable Potential


Contact Information
Street Address:
66 Ross Road, Upper Kedron Qld 4055
Mobile Phone: 0437 815 045
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