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Wildfire Business Consulting

Di Krome
Di KromeWildfire
Member Name: Di Krome
Business Information
About Us:

Turning Wisdom into Wealth

Wildfire Business Consulting helps conscious wellness entrepreneurs move beyond a time-for-money business model and leverage your most valuable asset - your wisdom.

Most wellness practitioners started their practice because they care deeply for people and wholeheartedly want to make a difference in the world.

They guide their clients on their journey back to wellness with care and compassion. But they sometimes don't give themselves the same care. Often working long hours and missing out on time with family, but not earning the money they deserve.

What you do is valuable and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

It's time for you to feel confident, liberated and financially secure, with a deep sense of fulfillment from transforming the lives of more people than you ever dreamed possible.


By building on your strong foundations of passion, purpose, and values and adding these 3 Vital Ingredients to truly ignite your business:

  1. An entrepreneurial mindset,
  2. A leveraged business model - with premium packages that create spectacular value for your clients, and
  3. The right strategies.

So you can reach more people, have a greater impact and create more wealth.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0499 086 454
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