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Peter Kenyon
Xtra Mile Weight Loss Logo
Peter KenyonXtra Mile Weight Loss Logo
Member Name: Peter Kenyon
Business Information
About Us:

To successfully lose weight you must learn:

  • What you must do,

  • What you must eat and

  • How you must think

As we move through life we find that upon each step we have choices of which path to take.

My adult steps started with 5 years in a Managerial cadetship with a Fibre Container (read cardboard box) manufacturing company in West End, Brisbane.

A step to the right and the path took me for eleven years with the Queensland Police Service where I spent eight of those years working with the Fingerprint Bureau and North Brisbane Scenes of Crime unit. Exciting and challenging hunting for those who did not want to be found and the invisible (that would be the fingerprints).

A slight step to the left and I was down the path of working for the Queensland Ambulance Service (just couldn't stay out of uniforms) while I studied for my Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition) and obtained my Certificate IV of Fitness (Personal Training).

A leap to the front brought me into the land of small business as I decided to use my new found knowledge to earn some money. As a personal trainer/nutritionist I found my tasks numerous and varied. Everything from cleaning the toilets of my own gym through to being the opening speaker at a national weight loss convention. I preferred the speaking.

I am still in the personal training and weight loss industry though it was interrupted for four years as I worked with my wife in her tuition business. This ignited a new passion I did not know I had and that was tutoring primary school children in maths. It was this experience that took me into being a consultant for organisations on setting up tuition centres.

You just never know what path life will take you down, even if you have a plan. I consider myself very fortunate as I am able to work in my two passions. In the evenings I help children re-discover the confidence to become exceptional students; and in the day I help adults discover the vitality that comes with living a healthy, energetic lifestyle. Life is good.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone: 0415 049 461
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