Helping Our Local Schools: Guest Speaking at Mt Maria College Legal Studies

2 July 2019

The Commerce in Schools Initiative has been busy organising guest speakers for our local schools!  Our most recent guests were for Mt Maria College for their legal studies class.  An engaging Q&A session was held featuring lawyers from McCarthy Durie Lawyers, members of our chamber. The speakers were James Halliday and Micheal Mapp.

The topics discussed were

  • The relevant law relating to Family Law courts
  • The purpose of Family law court in protecting the various stakeholders’ interest
  • Analysing the current situation – problems and how they impact on stakeholders
  • Evaluating how effectively the Family Law Court protects the interest of families and making recommendations using criteria of just and reasonable outcomes
  • And then justifying these decisions using evidence and legal reasoning

It was a fantastic opportunity for the students at Mt Maria because they were able to network and to meet industry representatives. Thank-you to our speakers from McCarthy Durie Lawyers for your time inspiring the legal studies students at Mt Maria College.

Guest Speaking at Mt Maria college

guest speaking at mt maria

Interested in guest speakers at your school?

Would you like to enhance your classroom activities in your local school with a guest speaker from our chamber member list? You are more than welcome to contact our Commerce In Schools Chairperson Eva Porter 0432 960 817 or email to chat about how we can help you.


Eva Porter

Eva Porter is the Founder of Porter Designs - a landscape architecture business. Eva is also the Chair of the Commerce in Schools and Regional Partnerships Committees and an active member of a number of other Chamber Committees.

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