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Commerce in schools Program

Commerce in Schools Program

The Hills and Districts Chamber of Commerce works closely with local schools in the area in an effort to enhance business studies and inspire students into entrepreneurship.

We encourage all local high schools to participate in our program.

Business Studies Class Activities & Events

The Commerce in Schools Committee will, upon request, organise for members of the Chamber to participate in class activities and events for business studies. (e.g. Shark Tank and Hot Seat).

Sponsored Awards

We also liaise with The Hills and District Chamber of Commerce Executive team for approval of sponsored awards for students:

Senior School:  Commerce Award

Senior School:  Miscellaneous Award

Middle School: Encouragement Award

How Are Sponsored Awards Granted?

Commerce is studied in Middle and Senior School through Business strands of Accounting, Business Management and more loosely, Legal Studies.

The Hills Chamber of Commerce Award is awarded to the student who attains the highest result in one or more of these subjects.

This student needs to have demonstrated a discerning use of relevant business management terms, concepts and theories, thorough analysis of business information and management strategies, accurate interpretation of a comprehensive range of trends, patterns and relationships and insightful evaluation of management strategies to formulate valid and purposeful recommendations.

  • The Senior School Student (Year 12) receives a Commerce Award.
  • The Middle School Student receives Encouragement Award for Excellence.
  • Additional funds may be allocated for Miscellaneous Awards in special circumstances.

What Do I Have To Do To Have Our School Be Part of the Commerce In Schools Program?

  • Participate in open and continuing conversations with the Chairperson of the Commerce in Schools Committee.
  • Select students to be awarded the prestigious business awards.
  • Invite business leaders from the Chamber of Commerce to class activities and events for business studies through the Committee.
  • Attend the Commerce in Schools themed Chamber breakfast meetings.