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24 August 2022

Hello There Community Partners,

For those who don’t know, My name is Zach Pleming. I am the Braking the Cycle coordinator here at PCYC Hills District. Braking the Cycle helps the young people of our community who are facing barriers to getting 100 supervised hours on their Learners by pairing them with a volunteer who will supervise them in a PCYC provided vehicle. This email is crafted to provide our community partners with high level insights into the program and how it is running along with updates and opportunities to help. This email is quite late for the July wrap up due to some delays and expect the August wrap up to come out soon!

Do you know anyone who might be interested in connecting with us? Please let me know by responding to this email or giving me a call.

Program Updates: July 2022

Total Hours of driving: 55.34
Total Kilometers travelled: 1,319
Total Number of Drives: 36
Active Number of Participants: 14
                Female: 9
                Male: 6
Participants on the waitlist: 8

Some interesting numbers here, we are now 3 months into running this program and already achieving some incredible results with our Volunteers and Participants. I am really proud of our progress and the desire to help our community. Thank you for your ongoing support.

What has been happening at Braking the Cycle – Hills District:

Lions Club of Brisbane Bunya:
 At the start of July, we were lucky enough to be joined by Kay and John from the Lions Club of Brisbane Bunya. After having engaged with the local Lions Club in the opening month of Braking the Cycle, John and Kay expressed their strong support of the program and how vital it was to enriching the lives of the young people of the Hills Distrcit and surrounds. To my surprise, I received a call from John who advised that the Lions Club of Brisbane Bunya will be donating $1,000 to the program which will be used towards Driving Lessons, Tests and Licence Fees and other participant related costs to ensure a smooth program.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You so much for thinking of Braking the Cycle as a recipient of the donation. Already, these funds have seen over 10 paid driving lessons to young people in the area who have not quite had enough driving experience to join the Braking the Cycle Program (each participant needs a minimum of 10 hours experience prior to joining a program – whilst it helps keep everyone safe from a compliance point, it still means a small barrier to access this program for some people) and we look forward to getting these funds in October when our first participant Travis will go for his driving test. Check out the photo attached with John, Kay and myself.

A photo of Viole [MENTOR] + Travis [PARTICIPANT] are attached. This was the drive where travis hit 100 hours!


I am current;y looking for local businesses who may be able to donate a Meat Tray, Fruit Boxes or other types of small packs for Volunteer of the Month gifts and Participant Excellence gifts. If you know of anyone, or know if there is anyone providing something like this, please let me know or provide a warm introduction.

If you would like to volunteer with Braking the Cycle, or would like to get participants involved with the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Blue Skies,

Zach Pleming

BTC Program Coordinator

P: (07) 3855 1980 M: 0448 538 896

Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association

135a Olearia St, Everton Park QLD 4054


Sgt Scott Jensen is the Manager of PCYC Hills District and an active member of the Chamber

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