Establishing a Website Committee

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25 March 2019

Our new website has functionality well beyond our old site.  It has been been built as a platform with the intention to empower our smallest and largest members to maximise their internet presence.  It has also been built in a way that affordability of exposure is greatly enhanced irrespective of capacity.

Members can ‘do it yourself’ (supervised) or get affordable help from other members to make their profiles stand out on the website and in the broader community (enhanced SEO).

To that end we are now looking to create a Website Committee. 

The purpose of the committee is to:

  1. Encourage all chamber members to maximise their use of this great promotional tool for their businesses and our community.
  2. To assist in the running and maintenance of the website.
  3. To be involved in assisting members to gain the best value they can from the website as it is in it’s current form.
  4. To participate in further enhancements of the website to increase its value to members, the Chamber and our broader community.

Committee members will need to be available to:

  1. Assist members and the committee in basic Website use.
  2. At their discretion offer a ‘fee for service’ to members who want to maximise the use of inbuilt enhancement functionality but are unable to do so themselves.
  3. Maintain appropriate commercial processes in delivering any ‘fee for service’ under their own auspices.
  4. Report monthly to the Webmaster Committee their chamber website activities as committee members both volunteer and commercial.
  5. Participate in regular committee meetings both zoom and face to face as needed.

If you have a desire to be a contributor and participate in this exciting new chamber committee contact Leonard Whittaker, Chamber Secretary at your convenience.


Leonard Whittaker

Leonard Whittaker is the Principal of Action Cycle Learning, an active member of the Chamber he serves on the Cultural Inclusiveness Committees as well as acting as the Chamber's Administrator. He is also achieved the designation of Chamber Lifetime Membership.

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