Interested in joining an Art or Reading Group?

12 August 2022

The Over the Hills (and still going) activities (a part of the Senior Committee) has started to put their dreams into action.  So here is the latest.
Artist male outline

Interested in joining an Art Group

An Art Group has been formed, meeting at the Arana Hills Library.

It will be for anyone who wants to learn art, just enjoy art and improve their skills. Drawing, Watercolor & Pastel will be the mediums and 

local artist Julie Bruce our guiding light.

We will be starting Friday 5th August  10am – 12pm with fortnightly meets.  If you already paint, bring some of your work along.  Bring your own art materials. 

If you are just starting out, materials will be shared. There is no cost to attend this group. 

Contact John 0448186115

Storytelling with solid fill

Interested in a Reading Group  (just what you are reading now)

It will be discussions on what you are reading and what is interesting to you.  

It’s good to share our idea and inspire each other.

Meetings would by once on Month at the Arana Hills Library.

Contact Carol  0490 192 926

Judith Heindorff

Judith Heindorff is the Treasurer of the Older Women's Network Queensland (OWNQ), Mitchelton Branch, and is a member of the Chamber's Seniors Committee

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