May 2019 Newsletter


Ron Crump

Hello Everyone

This is my last contribution to the newsletter as President.

Thank you so much for the way in which you have made it easy for me to undertake this role. I thought that I had rocks in my head taking on this important position. I questioned whether I was capable of making a healthy contribution.

Mary Di Marco your incoming President is experiencing similar thoughts and feelings which I now believe to be quite normal. She like me and all our prior Presidents have one thing in common. That is we care about people who are in business, we care about their families and we care about the community in which we live.

We know the truth about being in business and we know the challenges of finding the dollars to put food on the table for our families and our workers.

Equally we know that wonderful feeling of freedom in not being beholden to some bureaucratic folly, ruling or process.

Life is not easy and life is not fair however we can still experience absolute enjoyment when providing goods and services that meet or exceed our clients’ or customers’ expectations.

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