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5 June 2019

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How to Make Exhibiting at Expos Deliver Results for YOU!

  • Get Your Positive, Determined, Domination ON!
  • Know how to ‘Work” your stand
  • Set your goals and ROI for the day
  • Prepare, practice, know your Meet and Qualify Script
  • Have your WOW Gifts and Prizes, and Checklists
  • Prepare, practice, use your How To Follow Up Script – Follow Up!
  • Have your Consult and Enrol a Prospect Process
  • Propose with Passion
  • Enrol them on value and ROI.
  • Success!

If you would like to learn how to maximise the value of conducting and attending Expo’s, showcases & other marketing events click on the following link and reserve your FREE ticket.

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Anita Bird

Anita Bird, with her husband Paul, own and operate Classy Cars & SAAB Automotive, - a mechanical car service centre in Everton Hills. Anita is also the Chair of the Chamber's Membership Committee

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