New Seniors Committee Established

Seniors Committee
14 November 2020

A significant portion of the leadership of the Chamber could be described as belonging to a definition of Seniors.  However a significant number of constituents within the Chamber’s reach could be described as Seniors who have difficulties with a number of issues including:

  1. Lack of technology skills that increase isolation and diminish engagement socially and or commercially.
  2. Finding purpose in their lives
  3. Being able to find trustworthy resources and people to meet their needs
  4. Finding opportunities to contribute

The Seniors Committee is intended to:

  1. Identify unmet needs of Seniors.
  2. Identify opportunities for Seniors to contribute their time, talents and resources for the betterment of our community
  3. Establish initiatives to address both Social and Commercial needs & wants
  4. Create ‘Deriter’ (Retired turned round) Initiatives to engage energy and talents of Seniors for the Chamber and general Community’s benefit.
  5. Assist Seniors to increase their technology skills

If you would like to consider joining the committee contact any of it’s current members.

Leonard Whittaker

Leonard Whittaker is the Principal of Action Cycle Learning, an active member of the Chamber he serves on the Cultural Inclusiveness Committees as well as acting as the Chamber's Administrator. He is also achieved the designation of Chamber Lifetime Membership.

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