Promoting your organisation through the Chamber

16 May 2023

The Chamber does not promote any Chamber Member’s initiatives.  What the Chamber does is to provide platforms that allow members to promote their own initiatives.  These platforms include:

  1. The creation of a Member page within the member domain of the Chamber website.  This page can include the provision for various media types to promote the member’s initiatives.
  1. Members can apply to create and host Showcases and or list Member Facilitated events in the Chamber calendar.  Here is some examples of typical member facilitated events:
  2. Members can promote their initiatives by creating posts on the Chamber website and the Member News umbrella: Member News
  1. Events and posts created on the Chamber website can then can be pushed to the Chamber:
  1. Members can promote their initiatives and distribute flyers at the 80 + plus events conducted in a typical calendar year: Chamber Events
  1. Members can receive a current list of Chamber members in a xlxs format upon request so that individual members can be approached by phone, text or email.   

Feel free to get in touch if you require any assistance in maximising the Chamber’s promotional platforms.

Leonard Whittaker

Leonard Whittaker is the Principal of Action Cycle Learning, an active member of the Chamber he serves on the Cultural Inclusiveness Committees as well as acting as the Chamber's Administrator. He is also achieved the designation of Chamber Lifetime Membership.

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