Request for Support for Down Syndrome Queensland

10 February 2023

Hi Chamber Members,

Happy new year!!!  I am writing today to request support from both you personally and the Chamber generally for Down Syndrome Queensland’s “Lots of Socks” campaign in 2023.

Why socks?

The aim of the ‘Lots of Socks’ campaign is to raise awareness of Down syndrome among the community, as well as raise funds for Down Syndrome Queensland. The idea behind the ‘Lots of Socks’ initiative is acceptance of all our differences, and what makes us unique as an individual.

Socks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, just like each of us. 

The sock designs have been selected through a national competition held by Down Syndrome Australia, and the winners were judged by the national Down Syndrome Advisory Network (DSAN). 

Winning artists with Down syndrome are Mark Polonsky (VIC) left sock and Josie McAndrew (NSW) right sock incorporated an Australiana theme, with Mark’s design inspired by his love for animals and Josie’s a tribute to Australian music legend Keith Urban. 

Lots of Socks Design 2023:

My hope is that we can promote and sell the socks through the chamber with any sales supporting Down Syndrome Queensland and raising awareness of Down syndrome within the community.

I have included a link to Down Syndrome Australia’s “Lots of Socks” page for more information. 

In addition to this I can also bring the socks with me to the breakfast meeting on 28 February.

I would greatly appreciate your support in creating opportunities to promote this campaign through the Hills and Districts Chamber of Commerce members and their networks.

I would be happy to discuss any ideas that you may have to further our initiative and am happy to provide any additional information or resources.

As always, I appreciate your assistance.

Kind regards


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Michael Harrison

Community Engagement and Fundraising Manager

Down Syndrome Queensland

PO Box 3223                      

STAFFORD QLD 4053         

Ph: (07) 3356 6655    Mobile: 0422 676 179   Web: 

We value your feedback

Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison is the Community Engagement and Fundraising Manager at Down Syndrome Queensland, and a member of the Chamber

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