Abe Arends first post

Abe Arends
17 August 2020



Hello everyone! I am just writing to introduce myself as a new chamber member.

A little about myself and my practice first. I have been a solicitor for over 17 years. I specialise in compensation law, family law and estate planning.

My motto is that client’s expect simple things. They expect you to be honest with them regarding their legal matter from the outset, get sound and easy to understand advice and to have legal costs that are within the estimate you told them at the outset and that are reasonable. I also find that you need to put yourself in the ‘shoes’ so to speak of your client. If you keep that in mind then you will earn the trust of your client 99% of the time.

My practice offers to bring the experience of a big firm for the cost of a small one.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at various events and growing my business and yours by making great connections and contacts.

In this very difficult time and ever now changing world it’s important we help out our local businesses as much as ever.

Abe Arends

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Abe Arends

Abe Arends is the Principal of Arends Legal Solutions / Crash Lawyers

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