Covid-19: What can we do right now?

21 March 2020
  • Covid-19 From a Business Perspective, 

    • Amanda Rohan, General Manager Policy and Advocacy at CCIQ

      • What support is available (national, state and local government)?
      • Accessing support • What’s in the pipeline
  • Staying Mentally well during a crisis, 

    • Donna Thistlethwaite, Career Vitality

      • Threats to our mental health
      • How to maintain your mental health
      • How to support those around you
  • Maintaining focus in tumultuous times

    • Leonard Whittaker, Action Cycle Learning

      • An activity-based session covering:
      • Working out what’s really important now Action Cycle Learning
      • Gaining clarity for today
      • Helping those around you gain clarity
      • Maintaining engagement amongst the distractions

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Leonard Whittaker

Leonard Whittaker is the Principal of Action Cycle Learning, an active member of the Chamber he serves on the Cultural Inclusiveness Committees as well as acting as the Chamber's Administrator. He is also achieved the designation of Chamber Lifetime Membership.

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