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Stories of adapting and thriving in a COVID world

While everyone’s business and approaches are different, one thing is for sure – COVID-19 had an impact on us all in some way. This month 3 business owners will share their experience of COVID, including the impact on their business and how they have been able to move themselves and their businesses through this period.

For some this has meant big change, for others, smaller adaptations, but as we experience a move towards fewer restrictions we hope this will provide some hope for positive change into the future for our business community.

Introducing our speakers …

From a stage to a screen – no, this is not a Hollywood story! Sally Foley-Lewis will share how COVID-19 impacted her business as a professional speaker and the lessons, pivots and silver linings she’s discovered during these uncertain times.

Once a Facebook phobic, Bonnie Cunial, found herself quickly adapting her fitness business to provide virtual training to clients. She successfully retained the majority of her clients, many of whom were also technologically-challenged pre-COVID. Hear how she embraced the changes and what the future might look like for Fabulous Fitness Fun.

It can be difficult enough to navigate the complexities of one business, let alone three! Hayley Lingard went into COVID having already made the decision to wind down her AirBNB business, however she maintained both a product based business and a service based practice during this period. It meant understanding the unique needs of each business during this time, not to mention the needs of each client group. Hayley will share how she adapted her businesses through the COVID period and even came out with another business on the other side.

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PS – If you are new to Zoom meetings or would like to refresh your memory on Zoom features, click this article ‘Zoom Meeting  Participation Tips’ by Chamber Executive member, Margaret Sims.


Date:  23 June

Time:  7:30 am – 9:00 am

Cost:  Free


Kate Hewish

Kate Hewish is the Principal of Horte Couture, a member of the Chamber Executive and the Chair of the PR Committee

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