Unlock 25,000+ Courses: Introducing the Free Digital Skills Hub!

11 October 2023

I’m delighted to share the news about our Free Digital Skills Hub’s launch, which boasts more than 25,000 online courses.

Understanding the significance of business, at Business Chamber Queensland, we believe in the importance of evolving and continuous learning to stay pertinent in today’s fast-paced world.

Our Digital Skills Hub is a gateway to myriad learning opportunities. It offers free access to a diverse array of courses, be it a primer on Digital Marketing, a dive into SEO intricacies, or even unveiling the mysteries behind ChatGPT.

Not to mention, these courses are readily accessible to your staff, allowing flexibility to choose any convenient time, round the clock.

To embark on this enlightening journey, simply register here.

For your benefit, we’ve meticulously curated these 8 playlists. But remember, beyond these, a plethora of courses awaits:

Marketing, social media, and websites

Business Data Analytics

Cyber Security

Digital Technologies

Guiding your customer’s journey

Quick digital insights in under 5 minutes

Foundational digital concepts

Artificial Intelligence

This comprehensive digital training platform is complimentary for all Queensland residents, rendering it an invaluable resource for business proprietors and their teams.

Warm regards,

Kate Henderson

Business Support Manager, Business Chamber Queensland

Kate Henderson
Business Support Manager

Business Chamber Queensland
p: 0422 960 590 | a: Level 14, 300 Queen St, Brisbane City, QLD

w: businesschamberqld.com.au | e: khenderson@businesschamberqld.com.au

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Kate Henderson

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