What the HACK is GovHack?

6 July 2022

Are you considering taking part in the upcoming GovHack event, but you’re not exactly sure about to what to expect? 🤷‍♀️

What the HACK is GovHack is a free taster event designed to help de-mystify GovHack and help you understand what it’s all about, so you can join in the fun in August with ease and confidence 💪

Join us as we unpack and explain what is GovHack all about and learn from previous participants on what you will take away and experience from designing a project in what has now become the largest open data hackathon in the southern hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world 🔥

Click here to register 👉https://loom.ly/BRaNuYw

Please note as this is a Member Facilitated Event: The Hills & Districts Chamber of Commerce Inc advises that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed at or associated with this event belong solely to the facilitator of the event and not necessarily to the Chamber, or a committee or other group or individual associated with the Chamber.

Steve Butler

Steve Butler is the Regional Innovation Coordinator for Innovate Moreton BayMoreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism, and an active member of the Chamber.

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