Women in Business 15 August

‘Women in Business’ is a monthly event from The Hills Chamber of Commerce. On 15 August, ten members and one guest went to an informal brunch to connect and share.

Those attending met in the relaxed atmosphere at the Birds and Bees Café, Everton Hills.

Molly Brumm, the Organiser of these events, asked members to share, from the last month, a win or something related to their business which gives them a feeling of great pride.

Two of our Chamber members told us that they are finalists in upcoming awards.

Joanne Harding-Smith of Maverick Travel has made it into the Winners Circle. Of the 780 independent travel agents in Australia, she has been named as one of the ‘Top 20 Independent Travel Agents’. As a reward, Joanne will be travelling on 16 October to Bangkok where the Winner will be announced.


Jannine Mcfarlane of JvB Photography is a finalist in the ‘Aus 2019 Mumpreneur Awards’. On 6 September at the Awards Night in Melbourne, Jannine will be pitching in front of the judges and 400 possible investors as well as other mums in business.



As those around the table told us who they are, what they do and their wins, we were able to offer some contact names to one member who is looking for interviewees for her upcoming book.

Our guest, Michelle Ingram of ME Bank, showed all of us how to use the ‘Nearby’ function on LinkedIn to connect with each other.

The ‘Women in Business’ events are warm and welcoming with a focus on connection and sharing. You never know what you may learn or who you may meet.

Go to the Events page on this website to join us at our monthly Women in Business events.

Margaret Sims

Margaret Sims is a Business Casual Dressing Expert at Stylish Baby Boomers

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