Announcement: Refugee Career Matching & Mentoring Initiative Launched

Refugee Career Matching and Mentoring Initiative
26 May 2021

Are you in a position to offer employment or work experience to a qualified accountant who happens to be from a refugee background and eager to gain local experience?

Or how about anyone in your network who could provide local experience for a qualified lawyer, also from a refugee background?

We’re thrilled these types of opportunities are now possible with the recent launch of our Refugee Career Matching & Mentoring Initiative

This ground-breaking program is led by The Hills and Districts Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Romero Centre. It is the one of the first partnerships of its kind in Australia between a Chamber of Commerce and the local refugee community.

Matching opportunities you can participate in range from paid employment through to mentoring, internships and job placements. This is truly one of the most practical ways you can help people from refugee backgrounds “get a foot in the door” to employment in Australia. Employment and entrepreneurship are important for financial self-sustainability and helping migrants feel valued as contributing members of society.

You can now submit an Expression of Interest to be matched with either of our first two candidates, one qualified accountant and one qualified lawyer.

Click here for the full list of candidates (the list will change regularly), or contact Cultural Inclusiveness Committee Chair Craig Shim for further information.

Craig Shim

Craig Shim is the Founder of Alphacrane Intercultural Specialists - a consultancy specialising in cross-cultural communication and business skills, Craig is President of the Chamber and Chair of the Cultural Inclusiveness and Olympics Legacy Committee.

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